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Trading Novels
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Warning! This community is just getting started (March 19, 2006), so please understand that it takes awhile to get things started. The activity comes from you, post and post often.

Welcome to Trading_Novels!

+ What? +
A community used to trade your pieces of writing. If you are writing a novel or short story, this is the place for you. Post part of your story, or the entire short story and get feedback from other writers. We'll critique you, give you imput and maybe help with a few spelling and grammar mistakes along the way.

Why not? If you're a writer and you're looking for someone else to read your work, post what you've got. Sharing your writing is one of the best parts about the whole thing! If you're looking to get published, or even if you're not, getting feedback is always helpful while writing. You'll find out what people find interesting, what they might find boring and what parts may be a little confusing. We'll help you develop your story into a masterpiece.

And on a personal note, I absolutely love writing. I would love to read others work as well as get my own critiqued. I hope to some day get published. This is a way to better develop my own writing, as well as hopefully helping others do the same.

+ How? +
It's really easy. Join and post your work.
Please make sure all writing is behind a cut.
For each entry of writing you make, please fill this form out and place it outside of the cut. This will allow readers easy knowledge of knowing if they are interested in reading what you have written. Please remember to put all entries under Friends entries. I'd like to keep this a safe, happy and private community.

+Type of writing:+
Options for this are essay, short story, or piece of novel.

Such as autobiography, science fiction, romance, fantasy, etc.

Give your writing a rating like the movies. G, PG, PG-13, R, & MA.
Adult Material is allowed in this community.
Just make sure in the rating part you put the rating as MA.
If your work is not clearly listed as adult material, it will be removed from the community. You will recieve a warning and after three warnings, you will be asked to leave the community. This is merely to keep it a safe and happy envireoment. Some of us may be viewing this work from school or work computers, we want to feel safe with what we're viewing around other people.

+Approximately length:+
You don't have to put an exact word count on your writing, just give us a rough idea of how many words there are.

For Reviewers

After reading someone's work, please take a moment to fill out the following form as well as any further information you may want to include in your review.

If you had to rate the story, giving it a school-like grade, what would it be? Please consider that some of these pieces of writing may no be finished and need further review. This is just a general outlook of how much you enjoyed the story and how well you feel that it was written.

+Favorite Part:+
Pick any piece of the writing you enjoyed. Maybe it was a twist you weren't expecting or something as simple as a unique word usage.

What would make this story better? Were any parts confusing? Does anything need to be further explained? Are there several grammar and spelling mistakes? Just put in here what you think needs to be worked on.

+Job Well Done:+
Now, we can't leave things on a negative note. Be sure to include at least two positive things about the writing.

The rules are pretty simple.
If you, for any reason, disagree with the rules or find a flaw in them that I am overseeing, please contact me. Just remember to have fun, write and give as much help to other writers as you can.
I will constantly be moderating this community.
So please, keep it clean, safe and happy!

Best of writing!

If this community gets to a decent number of people, I plan to make a webpage for each user with their work on it. (If you agree with me doing so, of course.) The site will include pictures of the writer as well as a small bio of them. So please, feel free to invite any fellow writers you know. I hope to get this community up, going and very productive as soon as possible.

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